You should feel the results of the deep hydration within 24 hours.  As it takes an average of 14 days to completely turn over the top layer of skin cells for most adults, the most dramatic visual results are seen after two weeks of regular application.

Organically based products are much more gentle on the skin, causing less irritation. Studies have shown that up to 64% of what we place on our skin is absorbed and can be detected within 38 seconds of application.  FP Skin products contain no petro chemicals, no sulfates, no alcohol, and no parabens that are common in skin care products and known to cause allergic reactions.

Of the hundreds of clients that have used FP Skin products regularly for over one year, we have yet to have an instance of an allergic reaction to any of the FP Skin products.

Common practice is routine use, during your morning, and evening skin care ritual

The daily system should last 2 months but of course that does vary.

The products are very concentrated so they require much less product than you would normally use.  Restore the daily moisturizer requires only a pea size amount for full facial coverage.

FP Skin products are formulated with clinical strengths of active ingredients for superior results.  The active ingredients in FP Skin range from 8%-9.5%, with an organic content averaging 87%.  The active ingredients in Restore, the daily moisturizers are 5% peptide blend, 2.5% Kojic acid, 1% Collagen, .5% Retinol, and  .5% Hyaluronic acid.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the results of the products after 14 days of recommended use, we will refund 100% of your investment upon return of the unused product with 21 days of purchase.

FP Skin packaging is designed to seal out air, light, and other potential contaminants.  Occasionally a vacuum or air bubble inside the container will cause the pump on the more viscous products to fail.  Simply rapping the container on your palm will normally solve the issue and allow the pump to work properly.

Balance is a very effective but gentle daily exfoliator formulated to help more rapidly turn over the top layer of skin cells and promote healthy new growth.  To get the best results, the products should be pressed into the skin and allowed to dry before applying Restore, the daily moisturizer