Frankie Paige believes you deserve to love the person who greets you in the mirror every morning, and her passion comes from the joy she feels helping you get there.

Licensed as an esthetician in 1991, Frankie honed her skills in the capital of beauty and glamour, and is regarded as one of the most sought after skin care professional in Hollywood.  From years of hands-on trials, Frankie’s signature 3-step sequence of deeply cleaning pores, exfoliating dull lifeless cells, and nourishing the skin with the nutrients needed for healthy regrowth, has become her secret to delivering camera-ready skin. Today with studios in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, Frankie’s incredible treatments are praised for delivering consistent compliment-worthy complexions.


Seeing the impact of her treatments firsthand, Frankie became determined to create a signature line of products that would share her skills outside the constraints of her studios. To do so, Frankie partnered with a USDA-certified organic lab to custom formulate a blend sourced from organic plants, milk, and the sea, designed to deliver nutrients more readily absorbed by the skin, and eliminate sensitivity concerns. These soothing natural botanicals, when formulated with just the right concentration of highly functional active ingredients, become the fuel needed to fortify the skin and reverse many of the visible signs of aging.

Today, FP Skin is trusted by some of the most photographed faces in the world and endorsed by top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Frankie’s studio treatments transform the skin and can become life changing. With her best-kept secrets now bottled for you to use at home, no longer must you book an appointment to enjoy clear, healthy, youthful skin.